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Home Blogs Tech Blog New iPhone out, Apple fans squeal with joy [iOS4]

New iPhone out, Apple fans squeal with joy [iOS4]

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It’s national iPhone day! At least it seems so with the release of the iPhone 4 and its software upgrade for the iPod Touch and previous iPhones - iOS4.



The new model revolutionizes the already revolutionary phone with one swift kick - making portable video calling a reality. Okay, it takes a Wi-fi connection to make it work, but a) you can find Wi-fi anywhere now (even in feed stores) and b) it’s definitely a lot better than lugging around a computer to video conference.


And, like everything Apple, it’s given a trendy name - Face Time.


With the iPhone 4 come a slew of new features (in a sleek, albeit utilitarian, design which is to kill for): multitasking between applications, a 7.4 megapixel camera in the back which has the capability of recording HD video with a flash, a camera in the front (for Face Time and for the vain - you don’t have to carry a mirror around anymore!) and many, many more.


You sad because you have an older version of the iPhone? Oh, you only have an iPod Touch? There’s something for you too!


iOS4 is the new software for the new iPhone but Apple is making it available for the iPhone and iTouch for FREE!


Now, I only have an iTouch, but iOS4 made me fall in love with it all over again.

First, my favorite: The multitasking between apps. It’s fantastic addition - now I can stream Pandora radio while playing my favorite game (Angry Birds) all the while having a match with my friend on Words With Friends (it’s like Scrabble, but from Texas!)


My second favorite addition (behind multitasking) is the ability to create and edit playlists on my iPod. I make playlists obsessively. Sometimes I come across three tracks with a similar theme and I build a mix around them. Now I can do it on the spot, rather than having to remember to do so when I get home. That’s also great if you’re really into ordering the tracks on a playlist like me. If I think the flow to my playlist is stilted, I can move the songs around whenever I want to.


I can also make my iTouch as aesthetically pleasing as I want with the ability to change the picture in the background of my home screen. A definite plus when you’re mate has an iTouch, too - you can’t mix them up anymore.


Get angry with clutter? No more. You can create folders for apps on your home screen. Keep all apps orderly and in one icon rather than 24 single ones filling the space. A minimalist’s dream.


And then there’s the iBooks app. Sure, I had the Amazon Kindle app, but iBooks centralizes my purchases (as I do not have a Kindle) and is a lot more Apple-esque (read: better).


To download iOS4 for your iPhone or iTouch click here.

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