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Seeing Double??

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In my travels on Tuesday afternoon, I began to notice a pattern of signs on U.S. Highway 82. Was I seeing double? Maybe, but why?

On the stretch of highway from Bells to Sherman to Whitesboro, there are what look to be perfectly fine signs being replaced by the exact same new sign. It wasn’t just one or two signs but all of them from the smallest “one way” and creek signs to larger green county road signs.

Is the economy in financial trouble? If so, why are funds being delegated to purchase the materials for the signs, to paying workers to make these signs and also paying for the installation for these obvious duplicates?

I would like to meet the person in charge of coming up with the need for the replacement signs and like to know how to apply for that job. I could always use a good government pension plan, vacation pay and other government benefits!

Anyone with any further input on this, please feel free to contact me.

On another note…upon entering Best Buy in Rockwall I noticed another unusual sign. “Reserved parking for expectant mothers or families with infants,” the sign read. As a mother of four I am all for this kind of red carpet treatment, my concern came when I returned to the parking lot to find a handicapped vehicle parked in the space. With curiosity sparked, I waited to see the occupants return to the car. Just as I suspected, not one infant was in sight. I counted at least a dozen handicapped spaces and only one space reserved for those “with child.”

I feel I have the right to speak up about this wrong-doing. I have always gone out of my way to never park in a handicapped space because I know there are people deserving of these needs. Sure it might seem like a minor infraction, thoughts of my sister pregnant with twins with a four-year and two-year old on each arm trying to run errands at the local mall with this reserved parking that could save her 30-feet or more of additional struggle.

It was just too much!

There I said it. Now you know your local sports writer dislikes unnecessary redundancies and parking infractions.

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