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Being A Mom

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Most of the time I will blog on something funny, crazy, or new my children have done. This time is different. I was talking last night to a friend of mine , our sons are in the same grade and we shared opinions on several different topics, just catching up. As we talked together about different issues with our children.. as I hear toys crashing in the boys bedroom down hall, one thing remained the underlying statement... We are MOM's FIRST. Before we are wives, daughters, employees, friends or social acquintances, we are MOM'S! During the holiday seasons things get so hectic, at home, school, and work but with all of our obligations, our kids come first. When you are stressed trying to figure when you are going have the time to make the goody bags for school, make the costumes for the Christmas program, and wrap the gifts your hiding away, remember, it's for your child. Sometimes it can be a hard task to put your child first, when you are tired and you want to take a long soak in the bath but you're lucky to get a 3 minute shower. Now I know, you are probably wondering, "When is she going to get to the good stuff???" Well, the truth is, this is the good stuff. Being a Mom. Enjoy Every Minute Of It.

Me & Alex in 2007




Me & Alex in 2007

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Being a Mom
written by Ashley Ortiz , December 19, 2008
I cant wait to be a mom it sounds so great, even the little things matter and count like you were saying! I'm not a mom yet but I hope to be real soon and can't wait for it all!!!

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