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Reilly Springs News for June 9, 2010

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It’s hot in Reilly Springs. Imagine what it’s going to be like in July and August if it is already this hot in June? Here’s hoping we will get some of the rain that is predicted in the next few days and some cooler temperatures.

It’s time for the annual Hopkins County Dairy Festival, and several residents of our community are working on their ice cream recipes for the Freeze-Off on Saturday. Some will be appearing in the Dairy Festival Parade while others have been teaching candidates and their parents how to hand-milk a cow.

Dairy Festival Queen Kate Cody hosted the annual Queen’s dinner on Monday night at her grandparent’s farm, located on State Highway 154. You probably saw some of the fireworks that marked the finale of the evening as she carried out the “Red, White, and MOO” theme of this year’s festival.

Congratulations are in order for Mary and Brody Koon, who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Monday. Brody had a doctor’s appointment in Dallas on Monday morning and Jana and Landri accompanied them. Brody got a good report and they all celebrated at Mary’s favorite restaurant, Red Lobster.

On Monday night, family and friends gathered at Koon’s Lake at Brashear for more celebration. Among the guests were Michael McDonald and his daughter, Katelyn, from College Station. They are in Hopkins County visiting friends and family for a few days.

Joyce McDonald had a doctor’s appointment in Dallas on Monday as well. She received great news — an answer to many prayers. She was accompanied by Bobby, Judy, and Jan, and they all went to North Park for lunch. (I left and went to the bookstore while they shopped. I’m always good if there is a bookstore somewhere in the neighborhood.)

Jan McDonald Lawrence had been visiting with Joyce and Danny and Shannon Lawrence since last Thursday and left to return to Muleshoe on Tuesday morning. However, she’ll be back in Hopkins County for a baby shower honoring Shannon Lawrence this next weekend. Abby, Kobi and Reagan Kirby, Jacy Lawrence, and Jandi and Sam Lawrence will be traveling with her, and they’ll all arrive on Thursday and Friday. Landri Lawrence is spending this week with Jana and Weldon and will already be here.

Everyone was excited on Friday afternoon to see what little Hallie Lawrence looked like in the 3-D sonogram. Ask Jan or Lana for pictures and they’ll probably show you the entire video.

Everyone from Hopkins County must have gone to Dallas on Monday. I visited with Vera Harrington, and you guessed it, Vera was in Dallas to take her neighbor, Jessica, to the airport, and then “took the long way home” via Waxahachie, where she “just happened” to find Mary and the girls, and they had a very nice visit. The granddaughters are busy with summer camp and getting their summer activities arranged. “We managed to find some time later in the summer that they can come to Reilly Springs,” allowed Vera. “But it seems like their schedules get busier every year.”

Sympathy is extended to Sandi Wallace and her family on the death of her father, Homer Blevins. Funeral services were today at 2 p.m., with burial in the Reilly Springs Cemetery. Homer lived a long and useful life and will be sorely missed by his large family and friends.

Many in our community were at the estate sale that Terry and Leslie McCullough conducted for the second weekend last Saturday. It seems that everyone came out and bought a few items to add to their collection. Among my purchases was an old 1940s radio in a cabinet. The radio had once been owned by Finis Attlesey, and Terry had bought it from his uncle back in the 1970s. The radio was the one that Finis and Onree used to listen to the “Sunshine Show” when Bob and Joe Shelton produced their show and as they appeared on the “Louisiana Hayride” and other performances.

Can you imagine sitting in Reilly Springs on a Saturday night and listening to the music shows? In days past that was the only entertainment. Folks would hand crank a freezer of ice cream, sit on the front porch and listen to the shows with their friends and neighbors.

The old radio represents a bygone era. It was a connection to the outside world via war reports, farm reports, and entertainment venues. Ironically, the radio still works and had its original owner’s manual with it, and cost $169.99 when purchased originally. This was a hefty price in the 1940s. You’ll have to come by and see the old radio once I get it moved to the office and displayed.

I saw J.R. Fisher at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, and he reported that the crops were still growing good but badly needed a rain. He also complained that the deer had found his green beans and “pea patch.” He reported trying to find ways to get them scared away.

Saturday was also the day that Kendra Dannheim was honored with a wedding shower in Brashear. Many from this community attended, and reports of a very nice array of gifts were received.

I heard from Rhandi Fails this week. She and Debra were among those who attended Kendra’s shower, and they were in Cumby on Friday night to attend the graduation of Amber Stribling. Amber received her diploma from David Stribling Jr. in a momentous occasion for the Stribling family.

Braydon Stribling’s Cardinals baseball team won fourth place, and of course, Brandon was one of the coaches for the team as well. Congratulations to all.

On Sunday, Cody Fails visited his uncle, Billy Fails, and his grandmother, Nelda Fails, in the Paint Rock community.

Many from this community attended the Como-Pickton graduation exercises, and another large group attended the neighboring Yantis graduation on Friday night.

Among Friday night’s graduates from Como-Pickton High School was Casey Walters of the Reilly Springs community. Congratulations to Casey. She received her diploma and a hug from her grandfather, Gerald Walters.

Mark your calendar for a busy day on Saturday, June 12, with a host of Dairy Festival activities. Mark it again on Saturday, June 19, for more Dairy Festival events and the Reilly Springs Jamboree.

Also on June 19, the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office and the East Texas Police Academy will host a “Meet and Greet” event with family fun, hamburgers, hot dogs, snow cones and activities at the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office. The event is planned for everyone to “get to know” the local law enforcement officers in a “non-threatening” environment as they explain their jobs and the steps they must go through to protect the community. It’s a great day of family fun and a way to get to know your local law enforcement officers.

With all that’s going on, it’s going to be hard to sneak off to Running Creek or your other favorite fishin’ hole in the next couple of weeks. But maybe you can find some time to relax on the creek bank.

Until next week, pray for some much-needed rainfall and some cooler temperatures for our community. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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