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Just a bit overprotective

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With very good intentions my sister calls me Monday evening about 9 p.m. She was just a bit concerned if I had heard from our mom or dad.

Well, I had received an email my mom forwarded to me but that was at 9 a.m. but that was the last I had heard.

She asks me to call them. I oblige being the good big sister. I dial their home phone. It rings and rings and rings. No answer and no answering machine. So I quickly dial their cel phone and get the same result. I send an email with all caps, “ARE U THERE?”

Alright, alright, I call my younger brother. Again, no answer. I text him. He replies. To our dismay he hasn’t spoke to them either.

I call my sister again. She explains that she has been trying to reach them since 6 p.m.

Now, concerns starting to set in and we hang up.

Since they live in the country over an hour from my sister and me, the wheels in my head start to turn.

I consult my handy phone book and contact my mom’s co-worker. No answer. I start to delineate that it might be the phone company or a telephone line. That would explain it.

OK, I call my aunt, but the number I had been incorrect.

Starting to get a bit frustrated, I call my other aunt. Finally, an answer. Unfortunately, not the one I was looking for as the last time she had seen them was Saturday night.

I start to try to figure where they were. They have been known to take last minute short trips, but with work at school that wasn’t likely either.

One last hope – I call my parents’ closest neighbor about a mile away. Also a farmer, he informs me that he just arrived home and with the tree budding with leaves he wasn’t able to see my parents’ house. (I know at this point I probably sound a little on the crazy side.)

A sinking feeling starts to make its way into my stomach yet just as we were about to hang up, my call waiting rings. It was my parents’ cel phone.

My mom’s voice is on the other line.

“Have you been trying to call?” she asks. “YES,” I said.

“I have been downloading a new firewall for our computer, and guess we forgot to turn up the ringer on the cel phone,” she explains. “I’m sorry I should have called you to tell you.” Working on the computer at my parents’ house is next to impossible with dial-up.

“Mom,” I said, with a sigh, informing her that my sister has been trying all night to reach them. “I called your co-worker, two of our aunts and your neighbors trying to figure out where you could have been.”

About this time my call waiting rings again. It was my aunt offering to drive out to my parents house at what was now about 10:30 p.m. She was also relieved to find out they were safely at their house.

I transfer back to my mom. A bit distraught my mom replies jokingly, “Cindy, you don’t call for 10 weeks and we don’t answer for four hours and you send out a search party!”

“Well, you can’t blame me for being thorough, if nothing else,” I said with a laugh.

Guess I am just a bit overprotective, maybe?!

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