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Home Blogs Hollywood Happenings The countdown is on…12 days ‘til the debut

The countdown is on…12 days ‘til the debut

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Unless you've been on a Cosmo bender for the last few months, you know that Sex and the City 2 is headed to the theatres, and with it, every red-blooded, Louboutin-loving woman in America. The buzz began last summer with the first location shoots, when mobs of fans followed the trailers around New York City like rock groupies gunning for a seat on the bus. And I have to wait another dozen days.

So what happens after you say, “I do?”

The splashy sequel to 2008′s worldwide blockbuster picks up two years after Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Big (Chris Noth) finally tied the knot in a low-key city-hall ceremony, and finds the gals dealing with their share of grown-up concerns: Carrie is settling into marriage, Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is struggling with motherhood, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) has a boss from hell, and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is fighting menopause.

What will befall the now-midlife fab four?

A vacation to Morocco (which doubles for Abu Dhabi) no less — as does John Corbett, the only male cast member to shoot in North Africa. Corbett reprised his role as Carrie’s tenderhearted ex-fiancé Aidan, and needless to say, the other actors were envious that only he got to make the trip abroad.

Will Mr. Big play the jealousy card? Will Carrie stray? Guess I’ll be counting the days…

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written by ArtsJunkie , May 17, 2010
Okay. So, SJP was on all the entertainment shows tonight. She says the wardrobe was BORROWED ... most of it. smilies/cool.gif
So excited!!
written by SportsSidekick , May 15, 2010
OMG!! Wish I had that kind of dough to toss around, guess on my budget I will stick to cookie dough. LOL.
Wow, it would fabulous to walk the red carpet in a million dollar dress.
Can't wait! Might have to see this one at the largest screen in Texas just like Star Trek.
written by ArtsJunkie , May 15, 2010

Did you see the news last night ... the girls' wardrobes cost $10 MILLION ... the Halston dress Carrie's wearing in the trailer was $220,000 or something like that! Can't wait to see that much money on the screen!

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