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Highway 11, a.k.a Death Highway

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Dear Delores,

When is the state going to post a sign on Hwy 11 between SS & Winnsboro, declaring it the "Death Highway", travel at your own risk? Another accident this weekend just shows that there are not enough left turn lanes (none in Como) and it needs to be completed with a new surface between East of Pickton and Winnsboro. How many more fatalities and accidents will it take before something is done?



I understand your frustration and concern as I too have wondered the same thing. After the fatal accident in front of the church on highway 11 the state did come in


and put in a new speed limit sign lowering it from 70 to 60, but still no turn lane. Had there been a turn lane there that day that accident would have never happened. I, like you, am curious as to what it will take before the state comes in and decides enough people have died on that highway! Turn lanes seem like a no brainer to me. They've done quite a bit of work on that highway between Sulphur Springs and Como and yet they did no see fit to put in turn lanes. I liken it to highway 154 in that when you drive on it you are truly taking a big risk with your life and that of anyone traveling with you. I would suggest you write the department of transportation and file a formal complaint. You could possibly get up a petition to send in along with the letter. I wish you would have written this as a letter to the editor also. I think this needs to be dealt with. I liken it to highway 154 in that when you drive on it you are truly taking a big risk with your life and that of anyone traveling with you.

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Victoria Smith
written by a guest , July 28, 2010
I travel SH 11 between WInnsboro and SS anywhere from two to five times a week (for several years now) and I can honestly say that I don't believe turn lanes would do away with major accidents. At least 90% of the wrecks and near wrecks I see on that highway (which are MANY) are due to the fact that people are speeding, tailgating and passing in NO PASSING ZONES. I see people pass on hills and around curves everytime I drive that road. ANd many times, the person they are passing is traveling the speed limit or barely under. If you want to see less wrecks on that road it's going to have to come from more responsible driving. I don't know how we can make that happen, but I too wish we could!

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