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Home Blogs Hollywood Happenings The Real Housewives left me sick

The Real Housewives left me sick

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real_housewives_orange_counAfter last Tuesday nights episode of Real Housewives I was completely distraught.  How could I go to sleep after that??  At the very end of the show, they did a tribute to Lauri; and the whole time it is playing, I’m thinking “Why are they doing that… It is not the Season Finale. What is going on?”…..  Now I’m sitting at the edge of the bed, and it happened.  “Lauri Waring Petersen has decided to stop filming in order to maintain their privacy while her son continues to battle a heroin addiction”. Are you kidding me?? What is this show going to be now, without Lauri? Her son’s heroin addiction added to the show. It made it a cross between Intervention and Desperate Housewives.  So the next morning I hop out of bed and head straight to the computer to Google it. Maybe just maybe she is just not going to continue this season and she will be back for Season 5.  While googling (and I found no hope that she will return) I found that Gretchen’s, the newest and youngest housewife, fiancé died on September 13th of this year.  In this season he is currently battling leukemia. Granted he is like 40 years older than Gretchen and I always thought she was in it for the money, but I felt horrible for her. 


I didn’t get to watch last night’s episode yet... (Had to support the Stars, they need as much help as they can get right now).  But I’m thinking my lunch break may be completely dedicated to the Housewives- my husband will appreciate that so he won’t get stuck watching it tonight.  So watch out there may be more venting to come.


Oh and another random thought….



If you love Jennifer Aniston then you need to need to pick up the January issue of GQ magazine. She has been on the cover of lots of magazines lately promoting her new movie Marley & Me that opens on Christmas Day.  Jennifer is an amazing person who in the last several years has had to defend herself on the subject of “Brangelina”.  It is incredible that thru all of the mayhem she can still keep her dignity. But I’m thinking this year for Christmas she should wrap up one of her GQ magazines and mail it on over to Angelina.  Come on Jen; let’s see your mean side!!!


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